Walking around (and alone) on Wall Street

Being in New York and interested in capital market like me, where else should I go. So yesterday (June 10, 2007) I took a subway to Wall Street (alone). Actually this was a bit risky, ‘coz New York subway is too complicate for me. But I think What the Heck!!! (tell you the truth, it’s not the HECK but other four letter word that I can’t put it here) If I don’t do this I would feel sorry for the rest of my life. So 30 min. later I’m walking around Wall Street. Hee hee hee…

The street is so small not big as I imagined. By the way I enjoyed my time there. And I’ve some excited moment too. I took some photographs of the front side of Federal Bank of New York and suddenly a police walked to me and said “I have to see your photo” so I let him saw them.

He said “You have to delete them blah blah blah…” and I said “I’m a tourist I don’t know.”

He watched me delete all photos of the front side of FED and said I can take photos of the other sides of this building but not this side due to security. Who am I to protest him, so I walked away and took photos as he said and thought to myself like “Hey, don’t you know who my father is?” and “Don’t let me see you in Thailand, that’ll be my turn!!!”

(that is joke, you get it right?)

I’ll post photos later ‘coz they still in my camera and I can’t get them out.

Have a good time, enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Walking around (and alone) on Wall Street

  1. ฮ่าๆ ๆ

    เหอ เหอ ประเทศนี้เค้าช่างอ่อนไหวกับทุกเรื่องจริงๆ

  2. “Hey, don’t you know who my father is?”
    ถ้าเขาตอบว่า I don’t know. ก็เอาพาสปอร์ตให้เขาดูนะ
    อ้าว… ลืมไป พาสปอร์ตไม่มีชื่อพ่อแม่หนิ… งั้นตอบเขาไปว่า Let me tell you this, Bush is NOT my father, OK? อิอิ

    ก่อนหน้านี้เคยได้ยินว่าเขาไม่ให้ถ่ายรูปที่ Ground Zero (ตรงที่เคยเป็นที่ตั้ง WTC Bldg) ด้วย แต่ไม่ได้เป็นเพราะ security แต่เพราะไม่อยากให้เผยแพร่ ภาพสะเทือนใจออกไป ตอนนี้เดาว่าน่าจะยอมให้ถ่ายได้แล้ว เพราะผ่านมานานหลายปี

  3. khun nitbert,

    i took some photos there too. I’ll put them here later krub.

  4. แหม นึกว่าเจอสาว ๆ

    หุ หุ


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