Starry, starry night…

Yesterday I went to MoMA to see Vincent van Gogh paintings. This is one of the finest moment in my life and there is also an exhibition of Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon at 100 which is very impressive. Apart of these paintings there are Monet’s, Klimt’s, Cezanne’s etc. and best of all it’s free!!!. Because my host here is a corporate member of MoMA so I just show them my ID card and they gave me the ticket.

Ha… I hate to say this (but would you forgive me?), I love New York. 

Starry Night


4 thoughts on “Starry, starry night…

  1. I love NY too 🙂
    Though a lot of my colleagues were so surprised with that notion (my company is in the midwest, not many people travel to see any side of the coasts!!! 😀 )
    I have had such a great experience in NY that I really wish I have a chance to go back there some time.

  2. i had great experience here, and i wish to be back again too.

  3. Even the rent is so high, but a lot of great + fun + free in nyc,, miss NYC

  4. khun pleum, me toooooooo…

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