it’s so bright Night Cafe…

Last Sat. I went to The Met  (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) to see more Vincent van Gogh paintings. Actually I didn’t expect to see this one. 

Night Cafe

When I walked in the room, this painting seems like there is an aura around it, and it’s so bright!!! I just stood still, jaw dropped. god. (too bad, they not allowed to take photo in this room)

Not only van Gogh paintings, there’re also Picasso’s, Vermeer’s, Rembrandt’s, Munch’s and Caravaggio’s (yesssssss!!)

The Denial of Saint Peter

And just like MoMA, it’s free for me again with the same reason. Oh.. I really love New York.


3 thoughts on “it’s so bright Night Cafe…

  1. I suppose you can appreciate the genorosity of the company that you work with also 🙂

  2. Oops, generosity, not genorosity. My bad! -_-‘

  3. khun nitbert, i’m thinking is there any chance that they could send me back again for more training. ho ho ho… i’ve to figure it out.

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