i saw Bon Jovi concert yesterday

At Rockefeller Center on the way to my office . At first I just wondered why it was so crowded then I heard the music. I was like “Oh.. a Bon Jovi concert here” (I believe he’d just launch the new album), too bad I’d to be in my office so I just walked out.

Today is my last training day (and it’s raining), I’ll fly back tomorrow at noon (17 hours flight!!). It’s a great experience here but I missed my family, my dog and Thai food so much. First meal in Thailand must be nam-prik-kra-pi and pla-too. Please…


2 thoughts on “i saw Bon Jovi concert yesterday

  1. Oh my god!!! You didn’t go to his concert!!
    Yes, his new album is coming out.

  2. “i saw Bon Jovi concert yesterday”
    Yeah, literally. -_-‘
    This is even worse joke than seeing it on TV!! 5555 🙂

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